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Meet Earl’s Organic Produce

​Earl’s Organic Produce is one of our main suppliers for the fresh produce and herbs that go into our soups, salads and wraps. We share similar values, and their mission resonates with ours here at Que SeRaw SeRaw. Here is a little bit more about them:

Their Values

Integrity: Our relationships are built on authentic mutual respect and our decisions are fueled by genuine sincerity.

Passion: We are driven by an intense enthusiasm for procuring and distributing premium certified organic produce.

Anticipation: We excel in our ability to communicate effectively with growers and predict the needs of consumers.

Service: We exceed expectations with a steadfast attention to detail and an unparalleled level of customer satisfaction.

Teamwork: We work toward a common cause by sharing our diverse perspectives internally and collaborating externally. Our success in solving problems and accomplishing goals is based on cooperation and interdependence.

Earl’s Organic Produce promotes organic agriculture and a sustainable food trade while cultivating enduring partnerships with growers and customers. They operate on the principles of innovation, education, and superior customer service to distribute premium certified organic fruits and vegetables to their diverse customer base.

They aspire to connect those who produce and consume organic food by creating mutually beneficial, meaningful, and committed relationships across the food chain. They seek to educate, excite, and evoke passion for the organic culture and continually evolve their business practices to both promote and meet the needs of the ever expanding organic industry. Furthermore, they are committed to discovering and implementing innovative business solutions in order to improve the social, economic, and environmental sustainability of their operations.

Earl's Organic Produce is an A to Z distributor of organic fruits and vegetables. They are the only CCOF certified organic handler on the San Francisco Wholesale Produce Market. They are approved by the USDA/CDFA food safety audit program for Good Handling Practices.

Read more about them and their history here.

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