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Meet The Team

It takes a skilled and dedicated team to prepare our food at Que SeRaw SeRaw. Starting at 7 a.m each day, we are blending sprouted almonds for your almond milk smoothies, massaging kale, chopping romaine, shredding carrots, juicing lemons, ordering fresh produce, packaging up crackers and much more. We love getting to know our customers, so here is a little about each of us:

  • Marci Benson, Prep Chef - has been at QSS for ten months. Originally from Texas, she enjoys traveling with her family, photography and her volunteer work with Be The Match. Marci's QSS favorite is the Strawberry Almond Milk Smoothie.

  • Missy Robbins, Manager and Chef - has been at QSS over two years. She also works next door at Earthbeam along with her mom, Janice. She likes hiking and music and her QSS favorite is OMG soup.

  • Rho Torres, Produce Manager and Chef - has been at QSS for one year. She used to be a hospital administrator. Rho likes making food art and trying restaurants in other cities. Her QSS favorite is Chocolate Cheesecake.

Next time you visit Que SeRaw SeRaw, say hello and tell us a little about yourself!

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