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Every Day is Earth Day at Que SeRaw SeRaw

Earth Day is very special to us at Que SeRaw SeRaw because as we say in our mission, “a plant-based diet is good for both our bodies and our planet – individual health and global wellbeing are intertwined.” This day of celebrating our planet is a chance to reflect on why providing delicious, fresh, plant-based food is important work.

According to a large study recently published in the journal Nature, for the first time scientists from the University of Minnesota present hard numbers demonstrating that eating less meat, refined fat and processed sugar not only leads to a decrease in diet-related illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease, but in addition would reduce the climate change impacts of food production.

We understand that many people find the idea of a completely raw, vegan or plant-based diet daunting and unachievable. Even switching out one meal per week is a great place to start. We are happy to suggest new items to try, and we love to give out samples!

We are always looking for new ways to make QSS more sustainable. We currently compost all of our food waste. We are acutely aware that the nature of our “grab-and-go” menu of individual servings requires a lot of packaging. Currently, all of our clear plastic containers are recyclable.

Our paper smoothie cups, utensils and smaller 4 oz. cups with the green stripe are compostable. We encourage you to recycle and compost these containers properly. We will soon be switching to compostable straws, and we are researching options for more compostable serving containers.

If you plan to purchase multiple items or larger quantities, we are happy to take pre-orders and package your food in your own reusable containers. You can place a pre-order online, or give us a call at 650-348-7298.

We know many of our customers share our passion and commitment to protecting the Earth, and we welcome your ideas, questions and suggestions around sustainability and food production issues. Here are some links to organizations we think are doing interesting work in these areas:

Earth Day 2016 at Que SeRaw SeRaw in Burlingame a plant-based diet meal establishment dedicated to raw, gluten free breakfast lunch and dinner

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