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Goodbye to Earthbeam

Earthbeam Food painting by Missy Robbins

Since the founding of Que SeRaw SeRaw in 2005, we have always had a special relationship with our nextdoor neighbor, Earthbeam Foods. Earthbeam owner David Hinckle has been a valued friend and supporter of Que SeRaw SeRaw as well as our landlord. We are tremendously grateful to have "grown up" next to this cherished Burlingame establishment and sad that Earthbeam's doors will be closing for good on Friday, March 31.

For over 45 years, David and the wonderful staff at Earthbeam have provided our community with a unique selection of organic food, supplements and health and beauty products as well as friendly and knowledgable service. David is an active supporter of sustainable agriculture, local organic farmers, and the non-GMO movement. We have been proud to sell Que SeRaw SeRaw food at Earthbeam.

We would like to thank David for creating our corner of "happy and healthy" on Broadway and Capuchino. We deeply appreciate the camaraderie, integrity and dedication David has shown to us and shared with everyone in the neighborhood. He is an inspiring example, and we will strive to keep his work alive by continuing to provide organic, sustainable and healthy food choices to the local community. We wish David and his wife Anne a happy, fruitful retirement.

For our customers accustomed to picking up Que SeRaw SeRaw items at Earthbeam, we are exploring other outlets. We will be extending our store hours in May 2017. Stay tuned for more information. Beginning on April 3, we will offer a late pick-up window for pre-orders only on Mondays and Thursdays from 5:30 - 6:00pm.

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