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Easy Spring Recipe

Spring's longer days, warmer weather and increased availability of fresh produce make this the perfect season to add more fresh raw foods to your diet. Living foods generally have a high water content which aids in hydration and they contain plenty of antioxidants, phytonutrients and enzymes.

There are endlessly delicious yet simple combinations of fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts, seeds and spices that are incredibly quick and easy. You can whip up this Spicy Cucumber Avocado Salad in about ten minutes for a nourishing, satisfying meal.


Mix the following ingredients together in a bowl:

  • One large or two small cucumbers washed and diced (include skin if organic for extra fiber and vitamins)

  • One large avocado cut into small chunks

  • One half red onion diced

  • 2 tablespoons raw help seeds

  • Juice and zest of one lime

  • 1/2 teaspoon Himalayan salt

  • One pinch of cayenne pepper

Let the mixture sit for a few minutes for flavors to blend and enjoy! The empty avocado skins are great serving "bowls."

For additional variety try any of these options:

  • A handful of cherry or grape tomato halves

  • One minced jalapeño pepper

  • Chopped cilantro

  • Several radish slices

  • One sheet nori seaweed shredded into bite-sized pieces

  • Substitute sesame seeds for hemp seeds and add a splash of sesame oil

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