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It’s Official! QSS is a certified California Green Business

Person standing in redwood forest; Badge of California Green Business Network

At QSS, we take the sustainability of our business seriously and strive to do our best to minimize our environmental footprint. Getting certified as a San Mateo Green Business aligns perfectly with our mission.

Working with San Mateo County Office of Sustainability, we went through a rigorous process and made some big changes to fulfill the requirements for certification. These include:

  • Replacing our sink spray hose with a new high efficiency nozzle that aerates the water and cuts down significantly on water usage.

  • Using funds from a grant, we replaced our old light fixtures and fluorescent tubes with new LED fixtures. Our electrician estimates that this simple change will reduce the amount of greenhouse we produce by close to 500 pounds per year!

  • Ensuring that all cleaning products we use are rated 8 or higher on Good Guide.

We are grateful for the resources and financial support offered by the San Mateo County Office of Sustainability. We encourage everyone to learn more about the Green Business Program, support local businesses that are part of the network and encourage more businesses to get involved.


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