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Re-envisioning Que SeRaw SeRaw

To Our Valued Customers,

I hope everyone is doing well during these unprecedented times. As many of you know, Que SeRaw SeRaw has continued to operate during shelter-in-place. We have made several adjustments to ensure a safe work space and secure customer experience. I’m proud of how quickly we adapted and grateful to the team members who have continued to work on the frontline to provide healthy food to our community. I also deeply appreciate the support of our loyal customers and local business and community leaders.

I have made the difficult decision to close the retail store in June for an extended pause. I plan to take a break to refresh and reimagine Que SeRaw SeRaw outside of the retail environment, where we will continue our mission to encourage people to eat and enjoy fresh, plant-based food. I’m confident that we will come up with a creative model where we will connect with customers and offer exciting new options that are also economically sustainable.

We will continue making fresh food daily and operating our shop via our new online store through Friday, June 12. We will remain open to sell any remaining inventory the week of June 15, and we hope to see many of you during these next few weeks. Please call us at 650-348-7298 for large orders, special requests and information on items you can freeze and store. We also encourage you to use your gift cards. I have treasured these more than five years running the shop. I look forward to staying connected, and if you’re interested in learning more about plans I have for the future, simply keep your eye out for email announcements and follow us on Instagram and Facebook. Also, please stay tuned for a survey coming soon to learn more about how we can best meet your needs.  While I am not currently seeking to sell Que SeRaw SeRaw, I am open to passing on the retail operation if there is someone out there excited to take on the challenge. If you are interested in becoming more involved, including future partnerships or co-ownership, please e-mail and we can discuss the opportunities. Wishing you peace and good health.



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