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Is it possible to satisfy your sweet tooth without causing a craving for more sugar? Join Que SeRaw SeRaw chef Kerry Bitner and certified plant-based nutrition coach Dr. Debra Shapiro for a live presentation on Zoom on Wednesday 12/7 from 7-8:30pm.

Dr. Debra will briefly discuss the concept of “The Pleasure Trap” and how to finally conquer your cravings for addictive foods.

Kerry will demonstrate how to prepare three delicious and festive sweet treats made from whole plant foods that will please any palate, and she will provide detailed recipes so you can easily make these desserts at home. Bringing any of these desserts to your next event will guarantee you have something special to enjoy that will not trigger a sugar craving.

Join Dr. Debra Shapiro and Chef Kerry Bitner as we talk about sugar highs and lows, and how to make raw food desserts that you can thoroughly enjoy eating. To sign up, e-mail The price is $65 per household.


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