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The Inside Scoop on Que SeRaw SeRaw 2.0

QSS officially “reopened” on September 2. I appreciate all your well-wishes and excitement. I’m enjoying making healthy, vibrant food, and I’m happy to see so many familiar faces and meet new customers too! I’ve had lots of questions about our revised operation, so I thought it might be helpful to share some context and explanation.

Why Use the Online Store?

We have an online store set up through Square where we now sell the bulk of our food via pre-orders. We put this system in place for several reasons, including:

1) Allows customers to order and pay in advance, which reduces exposure time with QSS staff during the pandemic. Though we enjoy talking with customers and answering questions about our food, we want to keep our community healthy and safe.

2) So many of our items are best consumed within a day or two of preparation. By taking pre-orders, we know exactly how much to make, which allows us to be more efficient and reduces waste.

Why Have the Hours and Menu Been Reduced?

Several team members chose not to continue working at QSS when the pandemic began. In addition, with our small open kitchen, we can safely operate with a maximum of two team members working at the same time. As long as demand is strong and I am able to schedule and train additional help, we look forward to expanding days and hours.

Currently, I am making most of the fresh items in the mornings and Maggie works later in the afternoons. I have set the pick-up hours to 12pm-4pm to have enough time to make all the fresh items in the morning.

As I prepare the items, I package orders, so you may receive a notification that your order is ready before noon, and if so, you’re welcome to come early and pick it up.

What's Available for Walk-In Purchasing?

While we encourage everyone to pre-order, certain items will be available for walk-in purchase or as add-ons when picking up pre-orders. These items include the less perishable desserts and crackers that we may have in stock as well as other packaged products we will be bringing back over the next few weeks:

  • Snyders Honey

  • GT’s Kombucha (16 oz. bottles)

  • Slow Brine Krauts

  • Honey Mama’s Chocolate.

Occasionally we will have a few extra servings of the daily featured items for on site purchase.

Can I Request Special Orders?

If you’d like to request an item that’s not on the featured menu, you can call us at 650-348-7298 or e-mail We can try to incorporate your request or include it on the menu for the following week. We continue to be available for catering and larger orders with advance notice.

Special Pickup/Delivery Arrangements

If you can’t get in to pick up an order during our regular scheduled hours, we can arrange a special pick-up time, and we will deliver larger orders for a small fee.

Ordering Tips

Our online store opens for the upcoming week on Sunday evenings at 6pm.

At that point, you will be able to place orders for the entire coming week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday).

When you open an order, you will be prompted to choose your “location” which is actually your pick-up day, and then you will see the selection of items for your chosen day.

Occasionally, we will “restock” or add items throughout the week, so if you place an order early in the week, you can check again before you come to see if there is something new you’d like to add.

You can leave us a message when placing your order such as “leave the olives off my pesto pizza” or “I’ll pick up my Monday order together with my Wednesday order.”


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