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Sweet Talking

We offer a varied selection of desserts at Que SeRaw SeRaw. These treats are healthy twists on traditional comfort foods minus the gluten, grains, dairy, trans fats and refined sugars. Customers often ask us about the types of sweeteners we use, and some strict vegans question our use of raw honey.

When developing our recipes, we experiment with a variety of ingredients and choose the best combination for flavor, texture, health benefits and production considerations. The primary sweeteners we use at Que SeRaw SeRaw include organic medjool dates, coconut sugar, maple syrup and raw local honey.

For customers avoiding any added sweeteners, our desserts sweetened solely with fruit or dates include our Walnut Date Squares, Piña Colada Pudding, Blueberry Scones, Mango Luscious Pudding, Mexican Chocolate Mousse, and our Fruit Cobblers. Our Almond Milk Smoothies are naturally sweet due to the freshly sprouted almonds blended with organic bananas.

While not strictly vegan, we use Snyder’s Honey as a liquid sweetener in some of our desserts and salad dressings. This honey is delivered to us fresh every couple weeks by beekeeper Ann Snyder. Ann’s husband Bill is a second-generation beekeeper who grew up helping his father at his operation in La Honda. Snyder’s hives are located in the Crystal Springs Reservoir where the bees have access to pristine open space and feed on the nectar and pollen of a variety of native wildflowers. The beehives are not chemically treated, and the honey is unheated and unfiltered. We are happy to support this ethical and local producer.

We respect that certain customers who are following a strict vegan diet do not wish to consume honey, so we clearly label all items that contain honey and do not list these items as vegan. We are happy to prepare customized items without honey or other added sweeteners upon request with advance notice.

Honey: Sweet Talking by Kerry Bitner at Que SeRaw SeRaw in Burlingame
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