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Que SeRaw SeRaw is For Sale

Yes, it's true - as I turn 60 this month, and after running Que SeRaw SeRaw for nine years, I have decided it's time to "retire" from operating the retail shop at the end of this year.

When I took over Que SeRaw SeRaw from Alicia Parnell in 2015, i never could have predicted all the ups and downs I would encounter; from new landlords and new neighbors, to heart-warming and heart-breaking stories from beloved customers and especially a global pandemic!

I'm proud to have built Que SeRaw SeRaw into a thriving, profitable business. We adapted to a new reality when COVID disrupted the world and came out stronger. Along the way, I've been fortunate to have the support of an amazing community of customers, team members, city leaders and my dear friends and family. I remain convinced that it's important and possible to nourish ourselves with delicious food that sustains our bodies, minds and spirits as well as our planet.

With the help of some old and some new team members, we will continue to operate as normal through the end of December. I'm optimistic that there is someone out there interested in taking over Que SeRaw SeRaw and continuing to serve our loyal community. There are so many possibilities for the future! If you're a customer who'd like to see Que SeRaw SeRaw continue to exist, please keep supporting us. If you're that someone who might be interested, please contact for more information.


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