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Join Us For A Raw Food Demo Lesson

We're very excited to be hosting a demo lesson with guest Chef Ocean next Thursday, June 16, from 6:30-8:00pm. This will be an intimate, hands-on class where Chef Ocean will prepare his delicious raw version of the traditional Indian dish Kadhi Kofta.

Kadhi Kofta typically consists of of fried vegetable fritters with a creamy gravy. Chef Ocean's recipe uses organic walnuts, fresh veggies, herbs and spices that make for a quick and satisfying meal free of gluten and dairy but full of flavor and nutrients.

We will provide participants with a hearty serving of the prepared dish as well as a detailed copy of the recipe with a list of resources for ingredients and supplies.

To sign up, please call 650-348-7298, e-mail or stop by the shop. The fee is $35 payable by cash, check or credit card.

Chef Ocean was trained in the art of raw food preparation in 2004 at the famous Juliano's Raw in Santa Monica, CA, the world's premier gourmet organic living foods restaurant.

His experience includes creating a wide array of delicious dishes for himself and others, researching all aspects of raw nutrition, and working for many years as a live foods chef at California and Oregon restaurants, including the world-famous Krishna Kitchen, Project 418 Restaurant in Santa Cruz and the Synergy Chef Collaborative in Sacramento.

He also co-owned and operated the highly successful Laughing Buddha Kombucha Tea business in Eugene, OR before relocating to California in 2007. He enjoys creating new living foods recipes and teaching others what he knows.

During and after demonstrating his recipe, Chef Ocean will be talking about his experiences living a raw food lifestyle and will answer your questions.

We expect the class to fill up quickly, so reserve your spot soon!

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