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Consume Clean Energy - The Next Level of Sustainable Living

Que SeRaw SeRaw has "opted up" to the ECO100 plan with Peninsula Clean Energy. This means our business is powered entirely by renewable energy sources. We are using clean, green power to create clean fuel for your bodies!

All San Mateo County residents and business owners can choose the ECO100 plan, which offers 100 percent renewable and 100 percent carbon-free electricity for about $2/month per home more than PG&E. For Eco-Heroes who want 100 percent clean energy, ECO100 is just a click away. To opt up to ECO100, go to

By shopping at Que SeRaw SeRaw, you are supporting an eco-conscious business. We are partnering with Peninsula Clean Energy and other ECO100 Burlingame businesses and offering incentives to Burlingame residents. If you sign up for ECO100 between now and March 31, 2018, you will have a choice of rewards including a coupon for one free item up to a $10 value from Que SeRaw SeRaw.

This one simple change multiplied across many homes and businesses can make a significant positive impact towards reducing our carbon footprint and protecting the health of our planet for future generations.

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