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Raw and Plant-Based - How and Why

It's back-to-school season, so we are opening up the Que SeRaw SeRaw kitchen for an engaging and informative workshop on Sunday, September 29, from 1pm-4pm. I will be co-leading this class with our frequent collaborator Deb Shapiro, MD FACOG. Deb, who is a certified plant-based nutrition coach, will be sharing the latest, cutting edge plant based nutrition science, while I demonstrate raw, plant-based culinary techniques.

We will create a full meal starting with basic almond milk and including smoothies, soup, salad, entree and dessert. Deb will be explaining the benefits of each component and together we will give you tips on easy ways to boost your health with plants. We will conclude by sharing our meal together. In addition to new found motivation and inspiration, you will get a recipe packet, a nut milk bag, online resources and answers to your questions.

This session is limited to a maximum of ten participants, so contact to reserve your spot. Early bird price valid through September 15 is $179, and regular price is $199.

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