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Announcing: Monthly Evening Classes!

It can be challenging to keep both your mind and body healthy during the busy holiday season. Celebrations, disruptions to our daily routines, travel, and stressful family situations are among the obstacles many of us are facing.

We believe knowledge, support and a few easy recipes are powerful tools we can share to keep you feeling strong and energetic. We are thrilled to launch a monthly evening drop-in class at Que SeRaw SeRaw lead by owner/chef Kerry Bitner and Dr. Debra Shapiro, practicing board certified ObGyn and plant based health coach.

Our kickoff session will take place on Wednesday, November 20th and our topic will be “Thriving with Plants” Debra will talk about the power of plants to maintain a strong immune system, and Kerry will demonstrate some simple recipes you can make yourself using immune boosting ingredients.

Our December session is scheduled for Wednesday, December 18th and the topic will be “How to Survive in an Omnivorous World.” Debra will share strategies for sticking to healthy habits during the holiday season, and Kerry will prepare some festive holiday treat recipes.

Classes will take place in the Que SeRaw SeRaw kitchen from 7:00-8:00pm. Price is $45 per class and includes a sampling of the recipes prepared during the session. Each class will be limited to the ten participants.

To sign up, email

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